2019 BusinessWeek Rankings

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2019 BusinessWeek rankings

The 2019 BusinessWeek rankings are sure to cause some waves.

BusinessWeek released its 2019 business school rankings. Where to start? Well, we were taught that if you didn’t have something good to say, don’t say anything at all. That’s going to be a struggle for us in this blog post.

Let’s start with the good though. The good thing is that this ranking probably shows more clearly than any other major ranking in recent times just why applicants should rely on personal fit when selecting their target MBA programs. We’ve said many times before that rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. In this particular case though, you may need a whole shaker of salt.

The top 5 are:

  1. Stanford
  2. Dartmouth (Tuck)
  3. Harvard
  4. Chicago (Booth)
  5. Virginia (Darden)

We all know rankings are very subjective. We also all know that there is usually a lot of volatility in the rankings even though the faculty, recruiters and business school cultures don’t materially change within the ranking period. As a result, a very well meaning and well thought out ranking system could rank Harvard above Stanford and another equally good ranking system could rank Stanford above Harvard. The point is that all of these MBA programs are very good.

However, we’re not sure how Dartmouth gained the number two ranking when the school saw its applications plummet and its acceptance rate rise. BusinessWeek ranked Tuck number 19 last year. That may have been too low, but we’re not sure the catapult to number 2 makes amends. And, to us at least, it certainly doesn’t make sense.

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