2020 US News Business School Rankings

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US News & World Report just released its 2020 business school rankings. Not surprisingly, there was more volatility at the top again this year.

Wharton jumped from third to first and Stanford jumped from fourth to second. Interestingly, the two schools that tied for first last year (Booth and HBS) joined MIT Sloan for a three-way tie at third place. Furthermore, there is a tie at tenth place between Michigan and Duke. Consequently, that means 11 business schools will be able to claim they are top 10 with US News this year.

We will conclude this blog with a ‘public service announcement’ encouraging you to rely far more on your personal fit with an MBA program instead of the constantly oscillating rankings. You are far more happy to have long-lasting happiness with your MBA education if you are not constantly worrying how it will be perceived in the next rankings.

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