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The Three Hurdles to Business School Admission
We’re often asked about what is the most important part of the business school admissions process. How do you know what an admissions committee will consider important? What part of the application will they focus on? How do you put your best foot forward? We find that it’s helpful to think about the MBA admissions process as a series of three hurdles where you need to clear each hurdle to gain admission to the program of your choice.

Transcripts Not All They Could Be? Try an Alternative
There’s nothing you can do to change your transcripts now. All you can do is assess how much of a problem you might be dealing with and take steps to mitigate that weakness in other parts of your application.

How Important are Extracurricular Activities?
MBA programs look for active and involved students. Those students who have a history of extracurricular activities and community involvement are attractive as they will most likely contribute to the school in clubs and be an active alumnus.

Successful Admissions is About More Than Numbers
Contrary to what many applicants think, business school admissions is not just “numbers-driven.” And though many complain about having to take the GMAT and its seeming importance to business school admissions committees, the simple truth is that it’s just one of the many elements that AdComs consider.

Looking Ahead to 2020 B-School Admissions
The top business schools aren’t likely to begin releasing their Fall 2020 application deadlines or essay questions for a few more months. That delay has some applicants wondering anxiously what, if anything, they could do to advance their b-school plans in the meantime.

10 Things That a Spell Checker Won’t Catch
Print out your application and have it checked for errors ‘by eye’ rather than trusting a spell checker to do the job for you. In case you’re wondering why, here are some examples of mistakes that most spell checkers will not catch.

Essays ARE Important – But Only in Context
Some applicants have the wrong idea about why essays are important, or what admissions committees look for when they read them.

Why ‘Soft Skills’ Matter in B-School Admissions
Discover the merits of ‘soft skills’ on your b-school application by looking at a past university crisis.

Case Study: Finding Your Voice in Your Essays
“Anyone who’s studied a foreign language can tell you that it’s much harder to learn to write an essay in another language than to learn to speak it, especially given each language’s distinct formal writing style…”

Case Study: Unlocking Your Hidden Strengths
“He was an engineer with impressive quantitative skills but no obvious experience indicating leadership potential. He was already in his mid-thirties and had much more work experience than candidates for full-time programs usually do, which meant he risked being perceived as “too senior” for the program he was interested in…”

Case Study: Be Yourself in B-School Applications
“The first mistake she made was thinking that business schools really, really want first round applicants. She was almost panicked by the time Round I deadlines approached, thinking she was doomed if she didn’t get her applications in…”

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