We have tips on everything from what a spell checker can and can’t do to finding your own voice to saying what makes you special.

10 Things That a Spell Checker Won’t Catch
Print out your application and have it checked for errors ‘by eye’ rather than trusting a spell checker to do the job for you. In case you’re wondering why, here are some examples of mistakes that most spell checkers will not catch.

Leadership is a Key Component in Your Essays
The leadership essay is often the most difficult topic for applicants to handle. Many applicants feel that they can’t claim to have held leadership positions in their professional careers without stretching the truth. They think of leadership experience in terms of being someone else’s supervisor or of having sole responsibility for a department or project.

Learn to Assess Your Speech to Ace Your Video Essays
Ace your MBA video essays by learning how to master specific speaking skills such as pauses, pitch, and hesitations!

Be Yourself in Your MBA Admission Essays
Today’s MBA programs are built around training and developing leaders, not followers. To that end, admissions committees look for applicants who have character, who stand out in the crowd. With applications to MBA programs increasing steadily, separating yourself from the rest is crucial.

Essays ARE Important – But Only in Context
Some applicants have the wrong idea about why essays are important, or what admissions committees look for when they read them.

Presenting Nonprofit Experience in a B-School Application
It’s time to dismiss a fallacy about nonprofit job experience being detrimental to your MBA admissions. In fact, nonprofit experience might provide an applicant with points for diversity.

Your MBA Admission Essays Should Be Like Love Letters
Your admissions essays should be like love letters. Any school that receives one should feel like it is the one and only – a perfect match for you.

Your Personal Admissions Essay is a Portrait of You, at Your Best
Admissions officers hear a lot of sad, mournful violin music spilling out of the essays of applicants to graduate business school. Strains of epic-sized tragedy fill the pages of personal essays written by applicants, who all successfully overcame enormous challenges.

MBA Applicants Can Overcome Writer’s Block
Every fall, there are many things we can always count on. Football will be a popular topic of conversation, we’ll gain an hour due to daylight savings time and too many MBA applicants will struggle with writer’s block. Since 1996, we’ve helped tens of thousands of applicants overcome this psychological road block and produce high-quality essays that have helped them gain admission to their top-choice business schools.

Case Study: Finding Your Voice in Your Essays
“Anyone who’s studied a foreign language can tell you that it’s much harder to learn to write an essay in another language than to learn to speak it, especially given each language’s distinct formal writing style…”

Case Study: Saying What Makes You Special
“We all know this type – the guy or girl who doesn’t get many dates because everyone thinks they’re ‘nice but boring.’…”

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