Business school selection is the critical first step once you have decisively concluded that you want to get your MBA. It’s the cornerstone of your candidacy and should not be taken lightly.

New Research Indicates Which MBA Programs Offer Greatest ROI
How much of a difference does the name of business school on your resume really make? Here at AdmissionsConsultants, we dedicated thousands of man hours to a study to help quantitatively answer that very question.

The ‘Two-Pronged’ School Selection Approach
Even the smartest and best-qualified applicants need to plan their admissions strategies carefully in order to get their desired outcomes.

Is an Accelerated MBA Program Right For You?
A standard MBA program requires 2 years of full-time study, which for many, can be an unacceptably long time away from the world of work. Others worry about missing out on developments in fast-growing industries, or about losing touch with key contacts and professional networks. So is this a better option?

Part Time MBA vs Full Time MBA
If you are ready to pursue and MBA and you are trying to decide between a part-time MBA program and a full-time MBA program, here are some things to consider.

MBA Salary Survey
If you want to know the median total pay packages at the top business schools, then we have the list for you!

Thoughtful School Selection Will Help Your Applications Outcomes
School selection is the first and one of the most important steps in maximizing your chances of MBA admissions success. However, the task of identifying your best-fit schools may be easier said than done.

What is an Executive MBA?
If you are an older MBA applicant, with seven or more years of work experience, you may want to consider the executive MBA.

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