Do you know what to look for when you visit your target school(s)? Are you ready for that important interview? Since the preparation methods for each are synergistic, we combined our feature articles on them here.

Business School Interview Preparation
The hours have piled up putting together your application for business school and you are finally breathing a little easier with an invitation to interview. But don’t stop preparing just yet. We have a few pointers for your business school interviews to help give you the edge you need to present your best self possible.

Cracking the Interview Code
In general, the admissions committee will be “grading” you in a number of areas. They’ll be watching your personal presentation, looking at things like your maturity, your energy and motivation, your self-confidence, and your communication skills.

Assess Your Speech to Ace Your Interviews
Ace your MBA admission interviews by learning how to master specific speaking skills such as pauses, pitch, and hesitations!

The MBA Admissions Interview – Why Is It Important?
So you’ve submitted your application in to the b-school of your choice. What now? Well, it’s all in the admissions committee’s hands. They’ll conduct a preliminary screening based on your GMAT score, your GPA, and a quick overview of your application. If you meet a predetermined “cutoff,” you’ll be invited to a personal interview so that your suitability for the school can be probed.

When Alumni Interviewers Go Rogue
He answered all the questions to the best of his ability and tried to keep calm throughout the interview. He didn’t feel the interview was horrible, but he certainly got the impression that the interviewer didn’t like him. And he didn’t like some of the interviewer’s questions…

Preparation Tips for the MBA Admission Interview
So you’ve submitted your application in to the b-school of your choice and you’ve been notified that the school is interested in having you take the next step in the process – the business school interview.

Why a Holiday Might Be the Worst Time to Schedule an Interview
Holidays are, understandably, a popular time for b-school applicants to schedule their on-campus interviews. But it may not always be a good idea to go the popular route.

Is a Thank You Note Really Necessary?
According to several admissions officers we’ve spoken to, thank-you notes have become a new frontier in the admissions process. Stories abound lately of prospective students sending not just a standard ‘thank you’ message, but M & Ms in school colors with a quirky message, eye-catching stationary, and even ones from the applicant’s parents.

Campus Visits Are Important to School Selection
MBA programs can have a different feel from the rest of a university. So, although their websites try to show their unique features, nothing compares to seeing the real thing!

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