Check here for general information on the MBA process – from when essay questions are released to forum etiquette to school selection.

New Research Indicates Which MBA Programs Offer Greatest ROI
How much of a difference does the name of business school on your resume really make? Here at AdmissionsConsultants, we dedicated thousands of man hours to a study to help quantitatively answer that very question.

The Three Hurdles to Business School Admission
We’re often asked about what is the most important part of the business school admissions process. How do you know what an admissions committee will consider important? What part of the application will they focus on? How do you put your best foot forward? We find that it’s helpful to think about the MBA admissions process as a series of three hurdles where you need to clear each hurdle to gain admission to the program of your choice.

What Does the Future Hold for MBAs?
As the economy shifts, top b-schools have put their alumni networks and career services into high gear to help today’s students and tomorrow’s graduates. Their actions are helping students and alumni ride out the current rough economic waters.

It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning for Next Year
If you have decided you want to apply to b-school for the following application season, it’s not too early to take meaningful steps towards a successful and ultimately rewarding candidacy. Here is a list of actions you can start working on immediately.

Could an Economic Downturn Sink Your MBA Hopes?
Sometimes economic news can look scary – but does it have an effect on your b-school opportunities?

Military and the MBA
Many young men and women are now transitioning from the military into new opportunities for leadership. History has demonstrated to MBA programs how valuable their experiences are. These experiences range from what they learned and how their service shapes the way they lead, how they treat people, how they make decisions, and how their management style develops. When they exit their branch of Service, they are in prime position to put those skills and qualities into use and many are best suited for a MBA degree before they even step foot into a corporate office.

Successful Admissions is About More Than Numbers
Contrary to what many applicants think, business school admissions is not just “numbers-driven.” And though many complain about having to take the GMAT and its seeming importance to business school admissions committees, the simple truth is that it’s just one of the many elements that AdComs consider.

Leveraging Work Experience in Your Application
“Charlotte is a twenty-nine-year-old risk analyst at a prominent mid-western retail bank. A green card holder, she completed a Ph.D. in statistics from a Korean university and began working for a well-known U.S. insurance company…”

MBA Salary Survey
If you want to know the median total pay packages at the top business schools, then we have the list for you!

How Important are Extracurricular Activities?
So just how critical is your extracurricular experience in your overall admissions application? Read on to answer that question.

Is Nationality an Issue?
Nationality has been a growing issue among U.S. b-school admissions in recent years. Most admissions committees do consider it an important issue for the benefit of offering a diversified and international class.

Presenting Nonprofit Experience in a B-School Application
It’s time to dismiss a fallacy about nonprofit job experience being detrimental to your MBA admissions. In fact, nonprofit experience might provide an applicant with points for diversity.

Undergraduate Institutions and MBA Admissions
Business school applicants often ask us if an admissions committee think less of someone who attended a low-ranked state university instead of a Harvard or Yale. We put that question to one of our consultants.

What NOT to Ask on a B-School Forum
One of the qualities that business schools look for in applicants is good judgment. One way to shoot yourself in the foot in the b-school admissions process is to display an utter lack of common sense in your interaction with the admissions office.

Financing Your Business School Education
If you’re hoping to get any kind of financial aid for business school, you need to start thinking about your FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, now. We put that question to one of our consultants.

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