One of the most important factors in your application packet, go here to find out how admission committees see the GMAT, what it all means, and find some free practice questions along with timely preparation advice.

GMAT Preparation
Review our helpful tips and practice questions and answer explanations to help augment your current GMAT preparations.

GMAT Preparation Tips
Despite the official statements of GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), you can improve your GMAT score dramatically simply by taking the time to become “streetwise” about the GMAT CAT. Quite simply, this is the easiest step in your test preparation, and should not be ignored under any circumstances.

GMAT Test Day Advice
Yes, this is easier said than done – even for admissions consultants who have already taken the exam, and earned our MBAs. Nonetheless, worrying and stressing over the GMAT will do nothing to boost your confidence or increase your ability to answer the questions correctly.

Timing is Crucial for Retaking the GMAT
All too often, applicants receive disappointing GMAT scores and are left wondering if they should retake the test.

GMAT Test Structure
By its very nature, the GMAT test is inherently random. It selects questions for you to answer from a large database, based on whether or not you answered the previous questions correctly. It does this to determine the degree of difficulty within which you will be most challenged.

So You’ve Completed the GMAT! Now What?
So you’ve knocked out the GMAT. Congratulations! Now what should you do?

GMAT Book Reviews
We have received feedback from thousands of clients and alumni about which GMAT books are really the most effective.

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