Have you wondered how much of an impact your prior work experience have? Is there a secret formula that looks better than others when showcasing your experience?

Regardless of where you have worked, make sure that your applications and comments during interviews illustrate what is special about your work and life experience, and how that unique attribute makes you a natural pick for the schools you are targeting.

It will be especially important to identify and elaborate on themes that demonstrate your leadership, which is more likely to emerge if you have been doing something you care about, whether your past employers are titans of industry or small upstarts. Business school admissions committees will be sizing up you, not your employers. In addition, part of admissions officers’ assessment of your potential will include the question of whether you are true to yourself and your goals, how well work as part of a team and if their program will provide you the vehicle to fully develop your potential.

Remember, admissions committees are looking for the right person for their school, not an employment pedigree.

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