Holidays are, understandably, a popular time for MBA applicants to schedule their on-campus interviews. However, we’ve heard more than a few stories from applicants that highlight why it may not always be a good idea to go the popular route.

The problem with scheduling your interview on a holiday is that a lot of other people will be doing the same thing. One Round 2 applicant at a top b-school recently told us his on-campus interview left him feeling like a passenger on a bus tour. He said the only thing missing was a group t-shirt.

If you interview on a high-traffic day like this, you run the risk of getting lost in the crowd. You might be last of a dozen people that the same admissions committee member interviews that day. However professional and well-intentioned the interviewer is, they may have a hard time distinguishing you from everyone else.

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Some applicants might actually benefit from interviewing under those conditions. But if your interview is likely to play a crucial role in your admissions outcome, you might want to do whatever you have to in order to interview under less-crowded circumstances.

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