How important is a Round One application? Do late applicants even stand a chance? Dive in. We’ve got the answers here!

The Round 1 Waiting Game
Admissions committees presumably have the chance to compare candidates from the two pools. Do they ever take advantage of it? And could this affect someone’s admissions chances?

The ‘Two-Pronged’ School Selection Approach
Even the smartest and best-qualified applicants need to plan their admissions strategies carefully in order to get their desired outcomes.

Round 3 is a “Different Game”
Senior Consultant and former Harvard Business School Director of Admissions Doug Braithwaite shares his thoughts on what factors Round 3 applicants should keep in mind as they prepare their applications.

The Case for Round 3 Applications
One of the most commonly heard pieces of advice about business school admissions is that you should avoid applying in Round 3 because Round 3 admissions are especially tough. But is the situation really that bad?

Strong Applicants Welcome – Even in Round 3
We asked Senior Consultant Ed Anderson for his opinion on whether admissions committees ever compare Round 3 applicants to the people they already have on the waitlist.

The Best Round to Submit Your Applications In Is…
A Round 3 application may be worth a try.

It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning for Next Year
If you have decided you want to apply to b-school for the following application season, it’s not too early to take meaningful steps towards a successful and ultimately rewarding candidacy. Here is a list of actions you can start working on immediately.

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