McGill Desautels MBA students eligible for McCall MacBain scholarships

 In International Business Schools

We have good news for McGill Desautels prospective applicants. You will be eligible for the new McCall MacBain scholarships. It turns out John McCall MacBain received scholarships for his degrees. Including his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Clearly demonstrate how your MBA will tackle a difficult social or environmental issue to give yourself the best chance of winning one of these scholarships. However, if you are more interested in an MBA for traditional career purposes and McGill is a good fit, there is nothing wrong with attending the school as a paying student. Your post-MBA salary should make the loan repayments manageable.

We expect McGill will now be seeking a MBA rankings boost from the scholarships as well. Obviously, the scholarships could easily increase the quality and quantity of the school’s applications. Furthermore, the scholarships could help McGill enroll students who may have ultimately chosen another business school.