We have tips on everything from what a spell checker can and can’t do to finding your own voice to saying what makes you special.

Zeroing in on Your Recommenders
Many applicants have a hard time deciding who should recommend them for business school. Of course, they want someone who will say wonderful things about their leadership and potential. But can they ask their boss without jeopardizing their job?

Leveraging a Business School Contact Into an Admissions Advantage
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a prospective recommender suddenly appears? What would you do?

How (and When) to Use an Optional Letter of Support
By late fall, many of my clients have been to campus for informational visits and interviews. Parents’ friends say “I went to school such and such! I’ll write a letter!,” or colleagues at work pass on a contact. So what’s an applicant to do?

Case Study: It’s What Recommenders Know, Not Who They Are, That Really Counts!
“No one will deny that networks are an important means of getting your foot in the door in the business world. But if networks really were THE key to success, then people who already have connections wouldn’t have to bother much with admissions applications, would they? For that matter, why would they have to bother with the MBA at all?”

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