Here are the specializations our consultants possess:

Full-Time MBA Programs
Part-Time MBA Programs
Executive MBA Programs
European MBA Programs
International Applicants
Joint Degree Applicants

Not coincidentally, the admissions committees for the top business schools are organized along the lines we noted in the bullets above. They divvy up the world by geographic region and they have different committees for their different MBA programs. We are very proud to say that we have consultants who were primary reads for their admissions committees for applications from Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We also have consultants with admissions committee experience from part-time and EMBA programs as well as European business schools.

Our consultants speak regularly with each other and share their knowledge of news and developments in business school admissions. This makes them even more knowledgeable as a group than they are as individuals, and is an additional reason why we are able to truly maximize our clients’ chances.

AdmissionsConsultants employs many business school admissions consultants. All of them have admissions committee experience and are extremely talented. We talk with prospective clients about the consultants with current availability, to help them select the optimal consultant for their particular needs.

We do not charge a premium for this matching service. We only request that prospective clients respect that our consultants work with a relatively small number of active applicants, and that not all of them will be able to accept new clients at any given time. (We do have a maximum 72 hour turnaround time – including weekends and holidays – to maintain!)

This is one more reason why we encourage applicants to retain our services early in the admission process, before their top-choice consultant reaches full capacity.

Do we have consultants – with admissions committee experience – who had low GPAs, military backgrounds, non profit backgrounds, lower-ranked undergraduate degrees, etc? Yes. If this is important to you and we have a consultant with a similar background, we will be glad to assign you to that consultant. Just keep in mind that we will never charge you a premium for the pleasure of working with the consultant of your choice and that all of our consultants have made accept/reject/waitlist decisions on all of these applicant types.

Furthermore, while our expert consultants can answer the vast majority of your questions about all of the top schools, it is not uncommon for them to bounce ideas and thoughts off each other to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. One memorable example involved a consultant from Chicago who posed a question to a consultant from Cornell about just how gay friendly the Johnson school was. (He verified some discrepancies in a ‘report card’ the client had come across.) By the way, there are no additional charges to our clients for such ongoing internal communications!

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