The Financial Times 2019 MBA Rankings

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The Financial Times released its 2019 MBA rankings on Sunday and, as expected, some schools saw their ranks change considerably from last year. Stanford remained the top-ranked school for the second consecutive year and Harvard jumped from fifth place last year to second. INSEAD, Wharton and CEIBS rounded out the top five, respectively. (For the complete rankings, please click the link above.)

The jump to fifth place for CEIBS validates a lot of what we have been hearing about not just CEIBS but many other top MBA programs in that region. We expect this ‘rising tide,’ if you will, to eventually lift the rankings of many more top Asian business schools. Furthermore, we expect the rise to benefit other Chinese schools even though the Chinese government plays favorites by boosting its chosen programs at the expense of others. In the meantime, the US continued to dominate the rankings with 51 business schools in the top 100.

While these rankings can make for fun reading and analysis, please be sure you select the MBA program that is best for you. Your fit with a program is more likely to remain steady than the school’s ranking. After all, a school that is highly ranked this year may not be ranked as high when you are set to graduate.

We also believe that it is very hard for these schools to change too much on a year-to-year basis. Yet roughly one third of the top 100 schools experienced double-digit rises or falls in their rankings.