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The Gies College of Business at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is ending both its full- and part-time MBA programs. Illinois Gies Dean Jeff Brown explained, simply, “Market demand for traditional formats is declining nationwide.” As a result, the Class of 2021 will be the last full-time MBA program to graduate from the business school. Additionally, UIUC Gies joins Iowa’s Tippie as the second major MBA program in the last two years.

In place of the traditional campus MBA programs, Illinois is going “all in” on its iMBA program. The iMBA’s enrollment grew over 500% since 2016. Total tuition for the iMBA is $22,000. It also doesn’t require the GMAT or GRE. Hence, it’s easy to see why the iMBA has become so popular!