Will Top B-Schools Dump Standardized Tests?

standardized test requirement at top b-schools

Both the GRE and GMAT are online and impervious to the COVID-19 threat.

The Wall Street Journal published a nice article today on whether the top MBA programs will drop the GMAT/GRE requirement. While no one knows for sure what may eventually happen, the WSJ doesn’t seem to think the top MBA programs will drop the GMAT/GRE requirement any time soon. We fully concur with this which is why our GMAT book review page doesn’t contain the same COVID-19 disclaimer as our SAT book review page.

We have several reasons for our belief. Affordability is much less of an issue to a very large portion of the business school applicant pool. (An applicant pool that is projected to grow this coming year too!) Hence, we don’t believe the diversity of the b-school applicant pool grows outside of those applicants who are poor test-takers.

Additionally, there is some evidence the test scores can predict academic success in MBA programs. Furthermore, both the GRE and GMAT are offered online which eliminates COVID-19 risks. And, finally, let’s not forget that top-ranked MBA programs are cash cows for their universities. Given that most applicants don’t seem too bothered by taking a standardized test, why would a school want to risk a drop in the published rankings that go a long way toward determining the health of said cow?

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