How much of an impact will your prior work experience have on your business school admissions chances? Is there a secret formula that works best for showcasing your experience?

The Opportunity Costs of an Early Career MBA
These days, the average full-time MBA student has between three and five years of professional work experience. Is that too much? Too little? Or just right?

Which Should Come First – Your Work Experience or Your MBA?
There’s been much talk recently about people who apply to MBA programs right out of college, before they’ve had a chance to gain significant work experience.

Military and the MBA
Many young men and women are now transitioning from the military into new opportunities for leadership. History has demonstrated to MBA programs how valuable their experiences are. These experiences range from what they learned and how their service shapes the way they lead, how they treat people, how they make decisions, and how their management style develops. When they exit their branch of Service, they are in prime position to put those skills and qualities into use and many are best suited for a MBA degree before they even step foot into a corporate office.

How Does Having Good Work Experience Play Into My B-School Application?
Have you wondered how much of an impact your prior work experience have? Is there a secret formula that looks better than others when showcasing your experience?

Presenting Nonprofit Experience in a B-School Application
It’s time to dismiss a fallacy about nonprofit job experience being detrimental to your MBA admissions. In fact, nonprofit experience might provide an applicant with points for diversity.

Is Blue Chip Experience Really That Important in MBA Admissions?
Have you ever heard that you can’t get into a top business school unless you have worked at a blue chip firm? Don’t even try to apply to Wharton or Harvard or Chicago, the mistaken theory goes, unless your resume shows employment at a Fortune 500 or similarly recognizable, reputable company.

Leveraging Work Experience in Your Application
“Charlotte was a twenty-nine-year-old risk analyst at a prominent mid-western retail bank. A green card holder, she completed a Ph.D. in statistics from a Korean university and began working for a well-known U.S. insurance company…”

Unlocking Your Hidden Strengths as a B-School Applicant
One my most memorable clients had several aspects in his profile that, at an initial glance, were going to present major obstacles as he attempted to gain admission to an MBA program.

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