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The Choices You Make in Selecting and Applying to Medical Schools Will Affect Your Future.
Don’t Take Advice from Just Anyone.

Our medical school admission consultants have first-hand admissions committee experience reviewing applicants’ personal statements, letters of reference, transcripts,  and MCAT scores. They have also interviewed medical school applicants and have made accept/reject/waitlist decisions on applicants very similar to you. This is your future at stake and it shouldn’t be entrusted to anyone with lesser qualifications.

So what happens when we get more applicants than our consultants can handle? Unfortunately, we have to turn them away. Call now to ensure we have the availability to help you!


We have first-hand admissions committee experience making accept/reject/waitlist decisions on tens of thousands of medical school applications.

We are a strategic and comprehensive medical school admissions consultancy. Some of our more popular services include:

  • Pre Med Positioning
  • Medical School Selection
  • Admissions Strategies
  • Drafting and Polishing Personal Statements
  • Reviewing and Polishing Resumes/CVs
  • Letters of Reference Selection and Coaching
  • Interview Preparation
  • Evaluating Admissions Options

We offer fixed-fee packages starting at $1,800 for comprehensive assistance with a single application.

Our interview preparation package is $700.

We have hourly rate options as well.

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