With all the work it takes to apply for medical school, you want to make sure your application shows you as a professional, attentive, and dedicated student. The last thing you want is a typo making you look bad. That’s why it’s so important to do more than just spell-check your application. You need to carefully proofread it for errors your computer’s spell-check won’t catch.

Usage errors: Watch out for the correct use of “who’s” and “whose” or “your” and “you’re.”

Missing words: Make sure you don’t inadvertently skip an essential word in a sentence, such as, “I feel I’m excellent candidate for your school.”

Incorrect words: Make sure a typo doesn’t put a wrong word in your sentence, for example, “I’ve gone though extensive studies.” A spell-checker won’t catch the missing “r” in “through.”

Homonyms: These are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things, for example, “their” and “there,” or “write” and “right.”

Compound words with incorrect spaces: For example, a spell-checker won’t catch the incorrect space in “snow fall” and change it to the correct “snowfall.”

Incorrect pronouns: Only a keen eye – not a computer spell-checker – will catch an incorrect “he” or “his” when it should read “she” or “hers.”

Incorrect dates: Don’t claim to have graduated high school in 2140 instead of 2014.

Misspelled names: Be especially careful with names, which are easy to misspell but much more difficult to catch.

Incorrect verb tenses: Don’t come off as having bad grammar by accidentally typing “has” instead of “had.”

Repetition: Make sure you didn’t accidentally type the same sentence twice or use the same word repeatedly within just a few sentences.

Of course, always spell-check your work to avoid any obvious misspellings. But also be sure to carefully proofread your application and have someone else look at it, too. A fresh set of eyes might catch mistakes you missed after looking at your application over and over.

Your application is the first impression a medical school will have of you. By making sure it’s free from careless mistakes, you’ll show that you’re a thorough, detail-oriented, and dedicated applicant.

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