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The good news is the number of unmatched Canadian medical school graduates dropped in 2019. After the first match day, 174 remain in need of a residency. That’s still a significant number. However, at least it’s an improvement over last year’s 222.

It costs the Canadian health care system hundreds of thousands of dollars to train each new doctor. This dearth of residency spots is yet another strain on their system. We are not sure why the medical schools don’t shrink their class sizes if the resources are not available to create the extra residencies. At a minimum, we hope blogs like this make prospective Canadian applicants aware of these residency risks.

The Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) will release the final statistics after the second round of match day. Unfortunately, that will not play out until April. As a result, there are 174 recent Canadian medical school graduates who may be in need of a bit more ‘TLC’ over the next few weeks!

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