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Delaware State University (DSU) and ChristianaCare have discussed the possibility of starting a medical school in Delaware according to Delaware Public Media. Delaware’s population has been growing and it’s expected to exceed 1 million in the near future. This makes it the largest state that does not have at least one medical school.

DSU is one of the few HBCUs with growing enrollment. We believe their new nursing program has largely fueled the school’s enrollment uptick. DSU was quick to point out that discussions are in a preliminary stage. However, if this moves forward it would mean another new HBCU medical school.

Once again, this is about preliminary stage discussions that have now been publicly acknowledged. There are many roadblocks this would have to clear before it could come to fruition. Unfortunately, if it does come to fruition, it will likely be a bit late to represent a target school for the majority of our blog followers.

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