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Look out US News! There is a new medical school rankings methodology and we’re quite excited about its prospects. It was created by Dr. Brandon Turner, an oncology resident at Mass General Brigham which has 20 health centers across New England.

Dr. Turner used AI, artificial intelligence, to create his rankings. Unlike traditional rankings, the new rankings linked above are dynamic. Users can choose from a wide range of criteria which they can weight to produce rankings that best suit their particular preferences and needs. In other words, it’s just a higher tech version of the business school rankings we created in our 2009 book.

After the myriad of problems US News experienced with their latest rankings, perhaps the time is now more ripe to revisit the ordinal, unitary rankings and embrace AI’s ability to produce such transparent and individualistic rankings that applicants can better utilize.

We do sincerely like this new ranking and we encourage you to share that link with all the medical school applicants you know. While no ranking may ever be able to fully replace the medical school selection decision process, we firmly believe it is a giant leap forward from the traditional rankings such as US News that we have consistently railed against since 1996.

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