Whether you’re applying to medical school or just starting to consider it, check out this handy timeline to make sure you’re making the most effective and efficient use of your valuable time.

General Tips and Advice
Check here for general advice on the medical school application process. From financial aid to when to apply, postbacc-premed to Caribbean med school, you’ll find it here.

Medical School Selection
Not sure what avenue to take on the road to becoming a physician? Find out what all your options are.

Personal Statement
Your medical school personal statement may be the most important document that you have written up to this point in your life. We have helpful articles and videos to ensure you do your best!

Application Process
Help regarding some of the less-understood, but still vitally important aspects of the application process can be found here, including a timeline for your progress.

Extracurricular Activities
Although it may seem like they’re not important next to the MCAT and grades, extracurriculars can often be the key to a successful application.

The Medical School Interview
One of the hardest aspects of the med school application process for many, we’ve got some advice to help you succeed.

When should I take it? Should I take a review course? How do I prepare? Is it OK if I take it more than once? We got all of those answers here!

Premed Students
Some general advice for premed students looking at med school applications in the near future.

Case Studies
Real students, real problems. Our consultants share their thoughts on some tougher applications – and how their clients succeeded in getting into their target school!

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