Some help regarding the less-understood aspects of the application process can be found here.

Medical School Admission Timeline
Do you know what to do and when? Find out here!

3 Hurdles to Medical School Admission
Here at AdmissionsConsultants we’re often asked about what is the most important part of the medical school admissions process. How do you know what an admissions committee will consider important? What part of the application will they focus on? How do you put your best foot forward? We find that it’s helpful to think about the medical school admissions process as a series of three hurdles where you need to clear each hurdle to gain admission to the program of your choice.

Medical School Alternate Transcripts
A solid GPA is essential when applying to med school, but admissions committees look at more than just that one number. They look at all your grades, especially in those classes that matter most to med school. If you have even one poor grade, it can stick out like a sore thumb on your transcript.

3 Paths to Re-applicant Success
Med schools nationwide saw yet another round of exceptional applicants this past admissions season. Given the highly competitive nature of medical school admissions, that means that many well-qualified applicants will have been left considering their chances of approaching med schools as re-applicants this admissions season.

Medical School Admission Waitlist Process
As a medical school applicant, one of the most difficult decisions you may face is how to handle a waitlist decision from a school you really want to attend. Should you just sit tight, fearing that submitting unsolicited material will annoy the admissions committee and ruin or chances?

Keep Your Eye on Application Deadlines
The medical school application process can be confusing. One of the most frustrating aspects of it is that there are so many dates and deadlines to remember.

Beware of Sample Essays
Sitting down to write your personal essay for your med school application can be an intimidating task. It’s not easy to know the best approach, format, or style. That’s where reading sample essays can help. But be careful – this seemingly harmless tool can quickly become your worst enemy.

10 Reasons Spellcheck Isn’t Enough
With all the work it takes to apply for medical school, you want to make sure your application shows you as a professional, attentive, and dedicated student. The last thing you want is a typo making you look bad. That’s why it’s so important to do more than just spell-check your application.

Medical School Recommendation Letters
The only people that abhor dealing with medical school letters of recommendations more than applicants are the professors tasked with writing them. While a medical school applicant generally only has to worry about compiling a single set of letters, a professor is tasked with addressing a multitude of requests at any given time. And where you get the benefit of a glowing letter to the graduate school of your dreams your recommender’s only thanks is another handful of reference requests from other students.

Be Prompt and Persistent With Your Secondary Applications
Senior Consultant Wayne Shelton on what advice he has for medical school applicants who are working on their secondary applications.

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