Here are a few recommendations for books about medical school (courtesy of They provide sound information on medical school and medical school applications, and good insights to the process of pursuing a career in medicine.

We wish these publishers would release newer editions. For more current information, we maintain our list of the top 25 medical schools and we provide our applicants with up-to-date information on the schools they are considering. We have reviewed books related to the following subjects:


Best Graduate Schools by Anne McGrath

US News hasn’t updated its “Ultimate Guide to Medical Schools” since 2010. And it’s a real shame because it was a very solid guide dedicated to med schools. Consequently, we are now recommending this more updated guide even if much of it focuses on graduate programs outside of medicine. Perhaps the AAMC will step up and fill the considerable void. We can always hope!

Barron’s Guide to Medical & Dental Schools by Dr. Saul Wischnitzer and Edith Wischnitzer

Barron’s Guide to Medical and Dental Schools is a valuable decision-making tool that provides all the components you will need to make your best career choice. Unfortunately, this guide has not been updated in several years. Nonetheless, it’s the second-best guide we can currently find.

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