Knowledge is power. The more information you have, the better informed – and more effective – your decision-making process will be.

Here are a few recommendations for books about medical school (courtesy of They provide sound information on medical school and medical school applications, and good insights to the process of pursuing a career in medicine.

We have reviewed books related to the following subjects:

U.S. News Ultimate Guide to Medical Schools, 4th Edition by Josh Fischman

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US News & World Report’s venerable medical school book hasn’t been updated in several years. However, it’s still the best and most comprehensive guide on the market of its kind.

Barron’s Guide to Medical & Dental Schools by Dr. Saul Wischnitzer and Edith Wischnitzer

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Students of the biological sciences can expect tremendous career opportunities. Barron’s Guide to Medical and Dental Schools is a valuable decision-making tool that provides all the components you will need to make your best career choice. Because coursework in high school and the first two years of college are largely the same for medicine and dentistry careers, many details presented in this book apply to both fields. Unfortunately, like the US News guide reviewed above, this guide has not been updated in several years either. Nonetheless, there is nothing better that we’ve yet uncovered.

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