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The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University may have violated the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) according to CBS News. The AWA requires a level of care and treatment for animals bred for use in research. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine contends Brown’s use of pigs violates this act. They argue better alternatives exist such as cadavers and medical simulator software.

If you find the use of animal testing upsetting, please make sure you consider this when researching your program choices. Even if you are not that concerned, you may still want to consider the possibility the program may face controversy and upheaval while you are there.

Interestingly, the article, linked above, goes on to state 15 other medical schools are still using live animals. (Most of them are allegedly using pigs.) This came as a shock to us since we thought a moratorium had been reached in 2016.


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