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increase in medical school applications

MCAT registrations are through the roof!

Expect to see increased competition for spots in medical school. MCAT registrations are up over 400% and, based on our conversations with prospective applicants as well as everything we’re reading in the news, we’re highly confident it’s due to the pandemic. Prospective applicants are seeing healthcare workers in a very positive light. They are also being inspired by the selfless ways they are acting on the front line of this pandemic and they want to help as well.

The good news for the applicants who have had marked summer 2020 on their calendars years ago for their targeted medical school applications is that they should have a significant advantage over the “Johnny come lately” type applicants who do not have the proper positioning or well thought-out story themes and wow factors in their applications. With well-prepared applications, your admissions chances should be just as strong with the extra applicants as they would if the pandemic had never occurred. (Don’t we all wish we could put this one back in the proverbial ‘box!’)

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