What differentiates your firm from other admissions consulting companies?

AdmissionsConsultants employs only the most qualified college admissions consultants. Our consultants have previous admissions committee experience, and undergo training with us when they join our company. The schools our consultants have experience at include such selective schools as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Chicago, Northwestern, US Naval Academy and Georgetown. You can call us at 1.800.809.0800 to find out which consultants are currently able to accept new clients, and which ones may be best suited for your particular needs.

We offer comprehensive admissions consulting services. Our consultants are far more than glorified proofreaders who check personal statements and essays for grammatical mistakes. They make sure that you understand and convey what admissions committees want to hear. Grammatically correct essays by themselves will not gain admission to the selective schools. The acceptance rates at top-ranked colleges are below 10%; we can assure you that far more than 10% of applicants to those schools submit grammatically correct essays.

Our consultants will get to know you personally, through one-on-one consultations, and will devise the admissions strategy that will work best for your particular circumstances. Simply put, we will maximize your admissions chances at the colleges and universities you want to attend.

We are so confident of the services we offer that we only require a minimum 1 hour payment to get started. Over 95% of our first-time clients return to us for additional services – and we are confident that you will be as satisfied with us as they have been.

Will I receive an honest assessment of my top-choice admission prospects?

Absolutely. While we can – and do – increase our clients’ chances of gaining admission to their top-choice schools, we do not pretend to be able to get any applicant into any program. We will not encourage a client to apply to a college or university for which he or she has no reasonable chance of gaining admission. If a client can do something that would make them a stronger candidate (take additional classes, gain additional extracurricular experiences, etc.), we will advise them accordingly. However, we strongly feel it is unethical to encourage a client to put time and money into a college application that has no realistic chance of success.

What payment options do you offer?

AdmissionsConsultants offers hourly block of time options as well as fixed-fee package options, as detailed on our services and fees page. We recognize that each applicant is unique and has unique admissions consulting needs. Different clients will want different things from our extensive list of admissions consulting services, which includes school selection, essay topic selection, essay editing, letter of reference advice, application review, and interview preparation. We have structured our billing to allow clients flexibility in the kind of amount of services they choose.

We invite prospective clients to call us for a complimentary assessment for starters. We realize that both college admissions and personal consulting services are new experiences for many students, and that many or our potential clients are therefore justifiably cautious about committing themselves to any program or service. We are also well aware that there are less than reputable firms doing admissions consulting business over the Internet. We feel the best way to put potential clients’ concerns to rest is to let them experience our services. Therefore we do not require a large initial payment or extended contract.

Can you tell me about your proprietary database?

In addition to the strong body of collective knowledge of our college admissions consultants, who have served on admissions committees for a wide assortment of schools and programs, we also track the results of our clients’ applications. We work with a statistically significant number of applicants to each of the top schools. Analyzing our clients’ acceptance rates increases our knowledge of schools’ admissions patterns, such as preferences for specific story themes, the most optimal application rounds to target, and even degrees of flexibility with SAT and ACT scores.

Why do your fees seem low?

Well, we’re neither the cheapest nor the most expensive service. We really enjoy what we do and if we did charge significantly more, we wouldn’t be able to work with nearly as many applicants. This would mean we wouldn’t have the specialists and we wouldn’t have the large proprietary database. Without these two crucial elements, we would not have our very high success rate.

Will you write my essays and personal statements for me?

AdmissionsConsultants does provide extensive guidance to its clients on the essay and personal statement portions of their applications. We offer suggestions on both content and expression where we see opportunities for improvement, and proofread essays and personal statements for spelling, grammar, and usage. However, we will not write essays. These essays are supposed to reflect your unique personality, and only you can properly express your own self.

Moreover, we firmly believe that anyone who includes a “canned” essay in a college application is taking a big chance. The people who serve on admissions committees are not naïve. There is a very good chance that they will recognize that your essays were written by someone else. Admissions officers at the nation’s top colleges review thousands of essays each year, and they learn to spot canned essays. They also have far more applicants than they do openings, and so are always looking for reasons to turn down applications. Even a whiff of suspicion that an essay was ghostwritten is reason enough to consign an application to the reject pile.

Robert Alig, former director of admissions and financial at at the Wharton School of Business, states, “If the school feels any part of the application is not the student’s own work, they are immediately disqualified.” His statement is just as applicable to college admissions as it is to business school admissions.

Who will be my consultant?

Your consultant will be a college admissions professional who has admissions committee experience and who will be able to answer all of your questions and guide you through the application process. We will be glad to give you your choice of consultants when more than one consultant has available hours. Call us at 1.800.809.0800 to find out more about our consultants’ specialties, and which ones have current availability.

How will I work with my consultant?

Once you have been assigned to a consultant, you will work together one on one. You can speak directly on the phone, exchange emails and documents, or (where possible) meet in person – whatever you prefer. This method allows our consultants to gain the deepest understanding of your interests, goals, and circumstances. Your consultant may also take your case to other people in the Firm for advice. Our consultants network with each other regularly. This information sharing process means that you benefit not only from your consultant’s own experience and knowledge, but from that of the entire pool of AdmissionsConsultants professionals.

Do I have to work with a consultant who lives near me?

No. As a virtual company, we are set up to provide seamless consulting services by taking advantage of all modern communication mediums. We are proud to serve a diverse clientele of applicants hailing from North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Latin America. Our client base knows no bounds.

How did your company get started in the admissions consulting business?

Before AdmissionsConsultants was formed, David Petersam, the company’s founder, successfully guided several friends and acquaintances through the turbulent admissions process that guards the nation’s elite business schools. After witnessing how successfully his admissions strategies worked for these individuals – and being told by these same applicants that he should start an admissions consultancy – AdmissionsConsultants was formed. Soon thereafter, we expanded into college admission consulting, using the same successful formula of hiring only the most highly qualified consultants and giving our clients individualized service. In the years since our founding, we have helped thousands of applicants gain admission into their top-choice schools.

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