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The first Rochester Institute of Technology BS/MD cohort matriculated at State University of New York Upstate Medical University this month. According to RIT, there were only two students in the inaugural cohort. This particular program is open to all RIT students, guarantees them admission to the SUNY Upstate allopathic medical school, and waives the MCAT requirement.

There are pros and cons to the BS/MD programs and we’re neutral like Switzerland on this topic as we have heard good arguments from both sides. (Generally from top administrators at schools that have such programs and top administrators at top pre-med programs that do not have such programs.) One of the two RIT students explained, “It took a massive weight off my shoulders. If you’re not in the accelerated program, you have to worry about taking months to study for the MCAT and making yourself the most competitive applicant you can. But when you already have a seat, you are able to spend more time on research and your classes.”

Consequently, these two RIT students were not among the 62,000 applicants competing for the remaining 23,000 medical school seats this past admission season.

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