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A new paper from Hamilton College professor Matthew Grace examines gender-based differences in premed attrition. Last month, you may recall, we discussed a paper that cited lower self confidence in females as the reason they drop out when they have the same grades as their male counterparts.

However, Dr. Grace reaches a slightly different conclusion. Certainly, he agrees women are more discouraged by lower grades. Most importantly though, he concludes premed women would benefit from clinical experiences that allow them “to envision life as a physician and inspire resilience in the face of structural obstacles and academic hardships.”

This is a keen observation. In our opinion, it’s worth pursuing. Hopefully, a well-endowed college will step up and create such a program. First and foremost, it would likely benefit its female students. Secondly, it may also serve as a great research paper for one or more of its professors. Nothing wrong with “killing two birds with one stone,” right?

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