Here’s some general advice on the medical school application process. From financial aid to when to apply, to postbacc and premed considerations to Caribbean med school, you’ll find it here.

Should Organic Chemistry Be a Requirement for Med School?
It has become a tradition for pre-med students to fear and complain about the dreaded organic chemistry course. As much as they hate it, organic chemistry is a requirement for getting into most medical schools. However, some schools are beginning to question if it should be a determining factor in whether a student is able to pursue a career in medicine.

Postbacc-Premed Programs Benefit Minority Applicants
Colleges and universities have offered postbaccalaureate premedical programs for years – but only recently has a researcher undertaken a study of how effective they are in preparing students for medical school admissions.

Taking the MCAT Multiple Times
You can get admitted to med school. Let there be no doubt about that. However, it is an extremely competitive process and it’s made much more difficult by avoidable applicant mistakes such as sitting for the MCAT multiple times.

Make the FAFSA Your First Step in Securing Financial Aid
Whether you want to get scholarships, grants, or loans, completing the FAFSA is the first step. This application gathers all the information financial aid offices need to determine the amount of financial support you’re eligible for.

The Best Advice: Apply Early
Senior Consultant Dr. Wayne Shelton reminds aspiring doctors to plan on getting their applications in early.

The Role of Your Undergrad School in Medical School Admissions
Does the size or prestige of the school where you did your undergraduate studies influence your chances of being admitted to medical school?

Financing Your Medical School Education
Figuring out how you’re going to pay for medical school is no small feat. With many med schools costing over $90,000 a year, you need to consider all possible outlets for financing your education.

Case Study: Importance of Direction in Med School Admissions
One of my main goals when I sit down with a client is to discuss at length with them their direction, hopes, and aspirations in regards to pursing a medical degree. How far are they willing to go? What level of commitment do they have, even when faced with life’s unexpected challenges? Can they do what needs to be done in order to achieve their goals?

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