U.S. medical school applicants might have reason to be envious of their peers in Australia – in South Australia, at least.

According to a news report, the University of Adelaide’s School of Medical Sciences decided to put less weight on “the contentious interview” in the admissions process. That’s the newspaper’s wording, not ours.

So Adelaide now gives academic records and interviews an equal place in admissions decisions instead of treating the interview as the single most important part of a candidate’s file. (GAMSAT test scores, the Aussie equivalent of the MCAT will continue to play a smaller but significant role in admissions decisions.)

Adelaide’s decision probably seems fair to most Americans. After all, your academic record reflects years of discipline and hard work. It says something about who you are over the long run.

Your admissions interview, on the other hand, is a one-time event. It’s stressful and short. You’ve probably never done anything quite like it before. Why should it be the decisive factor in whether or not you get in to medical school?

Fair or not, the reality is that interviews play a crucial part in medical school admissions decisions. No one gets in to a U.S. medical school without turning in at least a competent interview performance. Preparation is the key to doing your best in facing this hurdle.

Because our medical school admissions consultants have all worked on admissions committees, they know what goes on both during and after the interview. They tell their clients what to expect in the interview and how to prepare themselves for it. In some cases, they will recommend that a second consultant conduct a mock interview with the applicant and then give the client feedback on how to improve their performance. We know from our clients’ feedback that interview preparation is often one of the most valuable benefits they feel they gained from working with us. To see some feedback for yourself, take a look at our Testimonials page.

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