One of the hardest aspects of the med school application process for many, we’ve got some advice to help you succeed.

Answering the Ethical Dilemma Question
Although there is an array of questions to consider, there is one particular question that has many applicants especially concerned: the ethical dilemma question. We asked Senior Consultant Dr. Gregory Goldmacher to shed some light on why interviewers ask this question and to share a few insightful tips on how to address this topic.

Don’t Sweat the Ethical Question
Should applicants be concerned about this portion of the interview? Is there a chance they could offend the interviewer with their answer – or is there a way to handle such ‘hot button’ topics without ruining your chances?

Preparation Is the Key to Clearing the Interview Hurdle
Your admissions interview is a one-time event. It’s stressful and short. You’ve probably never done anything quite like it before. Why should it be the decisive factor in whether or not you get in to medical school?

What Does Your Body Language Say About You
Did you know that body language comprises about fifty-five percent of your response to a question, while the spoken word only conveys seven percent? Your intonations, pauses and sighs convey the rest of your answer. When you consider the numbers, being aware of your nonverbal language becomes essential in communicating yourself effectively to an interviewer.

Should You Say ‘Thank You’?
Is the use of a thank-you note – creative or not – going to give you an inside edge and land you an admissions offer from your target school? We asked two of our consultants their opinions on the matter.

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