Often times, the MCAT test will account for over half of the weight of your academic qualifications hurdle. Unlike many other standardized tests, this one actually has some predictive value for success in medical school. It’s also valued by admissions officers for helping facilitate the comparison of applicants from various schools with differing degrees and levels of grade inflation.

Taking the MCAT Multiple Times
You can get admitted to med school. Let there be no doubt about that. However, it is an extremely competitive process and it’s made much more difficult by avoidable applicant mistakes such as sitting for the MCAT multiple times.

MCAT Test Advice
When do I take it? Should I take a review course? How do I prepare? We have all your answers right here.

So You’ve Taken the MCAT! Now What?
So you’ve knocked out the MCAT. Congratulations! There’s still much to be done, so now what should do you?

MCAT Book Reviews
We have feedback from thousands of previous clients to help provide you with the best recommendations for your MCAT test prep needs.

MCAT Test Dates
We have the full list of this year’s MCAT test dates listed for you right here!

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