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Medical school applications are up. A lot. Double digits. To be a bit more exact, as of August 11, medical school applications to allopathic schools are up 14% and osteopathic school applications are up 18%. While med school applications generally increase every year, these growth rates are, indeed, very high.

We believe this is being largely driven by the pandemic and, particularly, by the increased profile health care workers have enjoyed as a result of the pandemic. We first predicted this when we blogged about the increase in MCAT registrations.

Here at AdmissionsConsultants, we have seen an increased interest in infectious disease and public health. We believe the difficulty of securing a seat for the MCAT has only been partially offset by the schools that have waived the MCAT for this year’s applicants. In conclusion, we believe the increase in applications would have been even higher if the MCAT could be taken remotely.

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