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NYU renamed its medical school the NYU Robert I. Grossman School of Medicine. This was not done in recognition of a large financial donation. Instead, it was done to honor Robert Grossman, who is NYU Langone Health’s CEO and dean of the medical school.

Kenneth Langone, the chair of the NYU Langone Health Board of Trustees, declared, “None of the milestones NYU Langone has achieved would have been possible without the boldness, resiliency and the passion for patient care and quality that Bob Grossman brings to this institution. He always strives to elevate the quality of what we do. He brings out the best in people and he’s brought out the best in this institution.”

Grossman’s accomplishments at the helm of the NYU medical school are equally numerous and impressive. The school has expanded by over 8 million square feet under his leadership. It also became the first medical school to offer free tuition. And, let’s not forget, it was under his leadership that the Long Island medical school was opened. This medical school offers a three-year track for primary care physicians and is also tuition free.

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