We asked Senior Consultant Wayne Shelton what advice he has for medical school applicants who are working on their secondary applications.

His top piece of advice: Return your secondary apps promptly.

“It’s vital that applicants return their secondaries as quickly as possible, since admissions are made on a continual rolling basis,” says Wayne.

He noted that the longer an applicant waits to return their secondary applications, the further down the list they will be for admissions committee review – and the greater the chances that few if any seats will be left unfilled by the time their application is considered.

“So return your secondaries promptly,” says Wayne. “The sooner, the better.”
Polite persistence can make a difference in your admissions outcomes as well, he adds. “I also recommend that the applicants become a ‘pleasant nuisance’ by following up with each school in order to make sure their applications are reviewed in a timely manner.”

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