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We just updated our testimonials page for some of our medical school testimonials received so far this calendar year. As with all of our testimonials, these are completely unsolicited. Two of the ones we added earlier today are copied below:

“Hello everyone!

The subject line [Acceptance to Georgetown University School of Medicine] basically says it all! I wanted to let you all know that I got acceptance into Georgetown University school of Medicine. Thank you for all your help with interview preparation—it made a big difference.

I haven’t made my final decision yet, but I’m planning to do so soon after I hear back from Virginia Tech and University of Miami.

I’m incredibly excited for this great news!” S, Virginia

“Hello Dr. Shelton,

I’m sorry for the late reply; work has been really busy.
I’m well, how are you?
I’ve been accepted to SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY! I’m very excited 🙂

Thank you for checking in. I hope you had a good holiday season.” H, New York

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