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The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine is ending its use of race in admissions. Consequently, the agreement with the Trump administration ends a 14 year probe by the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights. According to the findings letter, the medical school was unable to adequately show it “considered whether its use of race-neutral alternative measures were sufficient, standing alone, to obtain the educational benefits that flow from student body diversity.”

The Texas Tech medical school agreed to two conditions in its settlement. First, it will “discontinue all consideration of an applicant’s race and/or national origin.” The second condition must be met by September. And that condition includes removing any references to race as an admissions factor in its admissions and marketing materials.

However, this agreement does not permanently bar Texas Tech from returning to the use of race in admissions. But if it does, it must provide “a reasoned, well principled explanation for its decision and identifies concrete and precise goals.”

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