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The Wall Street Journal has an article about how the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine had to terminate an exercise that involved racially segregating students after a civil rights complaint was filed against the school by a medical nonprofit group called Do No Harm. First-year students in “Structural Racism and Health Equity,” a required course, were allegedly instructed to segregate themselves into three groups: a white group, a black group, and a non-black students of color group.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the Board Chair of Do No Harm, explained, “That UCLA encouraged racial segregation in its medical school class is an absolutely outrageous abandonment of nearly 65 year old national commitment to eliminate racism in society. All medical students should be working together to learn to provide optimal medical care to all patients rather than to perpetuate, absurd, racist notions.”

This topic is controversial but one we begrudgingly chose to address. We strongly encourage everyone to reach their own conclusions and shortlist their target schools based on their needs and not on what anyone else is saying. As we recently advised our MBA applicants, the “woke climate” at the nation’s schools is quickly changing and we strongly advise you to talk to current students or at the very least very recent alumni to gauge a school’s culture.

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