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Dual degrees emerge all the time to meet an ever-changing market demand, so it should surprise no one that a dual degree is now available that combines the traditional MD with a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. The University of Texas at San Antonio is the first school to offer this five-year MD/MS degree.

Ronald Rodrigues, the director of the MD/MS in AI program and professor of medical education at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio explains, “Our goal is to prepare our students for the next generation of health care advances by providing comprehensive training in applied artificial intelligence. Through a combined curriculum of medicine and AI, our graduates will be armed with innovative training as they become future leaders in research, education, academia, industry, and health care administration. They will be shaping the future of health care for all.”

As with all other dual degrees, this program will not be for everyone and there is a better-than-average chance it won’t meet your particular needs. If that is the case, then a traditional four-year MD will probably be your best option. However, for those who want to learn about AI and can make the additional commitment to keep current with changes to AI, this may be a very helpful dual-degree program.

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