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US News lifted its self-imposed indefinite suspension and published its medical school rankings. Harvard Medical School took the top ranking for research medical schools followed by Johns Hopkins in second and Penn Perelman in third.

Johns Hopkins occupies the top spot in this year’s medical school rankings.

It may be worth noting that there was a five-way tie for the fifth-place ranking. Some may choose to process these observations and then conclude the rankings are not exactly precise or granular. After all, it would only take the slightest movement to drop a school from a top 5 ranking to a ranking that is outside the top 10.

This is why we continuously harp on the importance of fit and emphasize the importance of taking all rankings with a proverbial ‘grain of salt.’ We are always gaining new readers and we know they are unlikely to read over our previous posts.

Don’t worry. We wouldn’t read through archived articles of a blog we started casually following either unless it was strictly for research purposes.

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