Many medical school applicants who are looking to matriculate this coming year have already completed extensive work on their AMCAS applications. All applicants who are spending countless hours reviewing their applications in their entirety should keep in mind that a well rounded application is vital.

Medical school admission committees must first evaluate whether an applicant has the necessary academic qualifications to do medical school level work. That is why the MCAT score and GPA are essential considerations, particularly in science and premed. However, the other critical components of an application must be presented with equal attention to detail and cohesiveness.

Certainly, personal experiences in health care are almost always viewed as a positive, especially if they are patient related. But other activities such as community service, research, travel, and successes in other fields are also strongly considered. “To be a physician in today’s health system, being well rounded is imperative, so committees are looking for evidence of the applicant’s breadth of interests and talents,” says senior consultant Wayne Shelton.

Before submitting final versions of your applications applicants should make sure that they have both the academic potential and the personal dedication that all physicians are required to have.

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