waive the MCAT
The American College of Physicians (ACP) is strongly encouraging medical schools to waive the MCAT for Fall 2021 applicants due to the pandemic and the difficulties many are facing with regard to taking the MCAT.

What started as a small movement to eliminate standardized tests for college admissions, namely the SAT and ACT, has certainly gained a lot of steam. Currently, most colleges, including nearly every top college, are test-optional for at least the Fall 2021 cycle. Furthermore, many graduate school programs are becoming test-optional as well.

We must say that the anti standardized testing group has put this pandemic to work for its cause. We have seen the ‘writing on the wall,’ so to speak, with the law schools breaking free of the vice-like, monopoly grip the LSAT has long held.

However, we most certainly did not see any momentum to waive the MCAT building. Any chance of medical schools dropping the MCAT even for a year is still slim. Accordingly, we still encourage applicants to prepare for this very important test. Nonetheless, we will acknowledge the possibility that the MCAT’s dominance may not be as secure as we thought until very recently.

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