Every spring, many medical school aspirants lose an abundance of precious time due to writer’s block. While we have assisted thousands of med applicants since 1996, and plan to continue to assist many more applicants, we felt this article and video could potentially help us assist many more medical school hopefuls.

So, without further ado, here are our top 5 tips for overcoming writer’s block:

1. Give yourself an artificial deadline.

Obviously, it should fall well ahead of the actual deadline. Chances are you can make some serious progress when you have only a few hours before your artificial deadline.

2. Speak up.

If you are not comfortable asking a trusted friend or family member, use a mirror. It’s not important if you say “uh” or “um or even if you giggle a bit. This is a very powerful technique that is as effective as it is simple!

3. Block out all potential distractions.

If your roommate will be home soon, go to the library. If snacks are your vice, stay far away from the kitchen or any coffee shops. Finally, if you can get lost in time online, then disconnect and go ‘old school’ with paper and pencil!

4. Start anywhere.

It doesn’t matter where you start. You just need to get started so you can shatter the inertia and start writing. You can start with the conclusion or a thesis statement. Don’t be overly concerned with what you’re typing (or writing if you decide to go ‘old school’ with paper and pencil) as this is just a first draft and there will be time for multiple revisions later.

5. Do NOT worry about grammar.

Your medical school personal statement is going to be a multi revision effort whether you like it or not. So you might as well plan it out accordingly and not get bogged down on grammatical concerns in the drafting phase. There will be plenty of time to worry about grammar and wordsmithing later.

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